Calgary Golf Academy

Ladies Learn to Golf

The Calgary Golf Academy has Calgary’s best ladies only lessons with more than 9,500 students who have participated in this program. These lessons are great for those new to golf (beginners), as well as novice golfers struggling to improve their game. The only way to get better is through proper, yet simplified instruction.

All lessons are Indoors ― no cold, wind, rain or snow to distract you from enjoying your class.

Email  to register for classes.

Winter / Spring 2019 classes:

  • Two – 90 minute lessons, once per week, for two weeks…three hours total instruction
  • Classes are once per week, same day and time each week.
  • Maximum 4 ladies per class
  • $109 per person                                                             January sessions are special price of $99

*Start date is the day of first class.

Day Start Date Start Time Availability
Wednesday Jan. 16 1:00 pm Availability
Wednesday Jan. 16 7:30 pm Availability
Thursday Jan.  17 10 am Availability
Thursday Jan. 17 6 pm Availability
Friday Jan. 18 12 pm Availability
Friday Jan. 18 5 pm Availability
Saturday Jan. 19 9:30 am Availability
Saturday Jan. 19 12 pm Availability
Saturday Feb. 16 1 pm Availability
Sunday Feb. 17 11 am Availability
Monday Feb. 18 11 am Availability
Monday Feb. 18 7:30 pm Availability
Tuesday Feb. 19 12 pm Availability
Tuesday Feb. 19 6:30 pm Availability
Wednesday Feb. 20 11 am Availability
Wednesday Feb. 20 7:30 pm Availability

*March classes coming soon

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    Booking a session with the Calgary Golf Academy is easy.

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