Calgary Golf Academy

An Uncomplicated Approach
to Improving your Game.

Frustrated with your lack of improvement?
Disappointed with conventional golf instruction?
Overwhelmed with the complexities of the game?

For over 20 years, we’ve been partnering with our students to improve their game. Through simple instruction we help you understand what works, establish good practice habits to create repeatable performance.

Jeff Lubin’s Calgary Golf Academy is a positive and fun environment offering golf programs for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, our golf lessons will help you improve your game and give you more confidence on the course. Our year-round lessons are all indoors so weather is never a problem.

Over 80% of Calgary Golf Academy students report a significant improvement in their game through our approach. We call that success!

Get your game on track with Calgary’s best golf lessons.
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Jeff Lubin’s Calgary Golf Academy
110 Point McKay Cres. NW,
Calgary, AB T3B 5B4

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